Top 5 Reasons Why a Career in Business Analytics is a Smart Choice


Congratulations on getting through with your first step towards an illustrious career. Considering the financial investment and mental duty the next 2 years demand from you, it becomes a vital decision for you to choose your specialization that is not only in alignment with your skillset and personality but is also financially rewarding in the years to come.


Here are the 5 reasons why a career in Business Analytics is an apt choice for you

1. Future Proof Career

According to a study by IBM, 39% of jobs in Business Analytics require applicants to possess at least a master’s degree. A career in Business Analytics could be a rewarding choice for somebody who has a special balance of technical aptitude, critical thinking, and business acumen to extract meaningful insights from data and inform business decisions through those insights.


2. NLP is likely to get smarter with explainable intelligence

Business analytics is set to become a largely AI and ML-based process, reducing the need for human intervention with ‘explainable intelligence’, which will auto-generate an explanation, summarizing why a decision was taken. By citing attributes, accuracy, statistics, and other sufficient collateral, this technology will explain the need and relevance of a decision.


3. Climb up the skill-based hierarchy

With an MBA in Business Analytics, there are a plethora of business analytics career paths available to you which include prestigious C-suite positions as well. Based on your unique profile and strength areas, the following are the roles that you can choose after completing your MBA in Business Analytics-

  • Marketing Manager
  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Analytics Specialist


4. Generous Remuneration

According to recent industry salary reports, the average base salary for a business analyst in India is Rs. 6.4 LPA per year. The higher end of remuneration for established professionals who keep themselves updated with the latest BI technologies and industry trends is something between 25-40 LPA.


5. Industry-independent Career

Business Analytics is a skill that is relevant for all kinds of businesses under the sun. You never get restricted to one industry. In the long run, you get the opportunity to be exposed to all industries as now technology has the power to inform all business decisions.


At UPES Online, we offer an industry-aligned MBA in Business Analytics that helps working professionals fascinated by data and numbers like you to realize their long-term career goals and accelerate their Data career.

If you find your technical skills and business acumen aligned with the requirement of the industry, then you might be a perfect fit for a booming career in the domain of Business Analytics.

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