The sky is limitless with Aviation Management Course


In our childhood, most of us had a common goal in terms of career aspirations. Yes, you guessed it right. We were pretty fascinated with the aeroplanes hovering over our heads, and we aimed to become a pilot. But life is ironic. We all couldn’t become ‘THE PILOT’.

Still, you stand a chance to serve the ever-booming aviation industry and make at least half of your dream true.

With the availability of aviation management courses, you can nurture your career in the aviation sector by taking giant strides.

Even the working professionals from any industry can fuel up their professional credentials with aviation management programs.

This post will help you delve deeper into the information about the aviation management course, its scope, growth prospects, etc.

What is the aviation management Course?

The aviation management course deals with the study of airlines, airports and business related to the aviation industry. It guides students with the laws, management of airfields, operations of the airport and security in aviation.

The students wishing to launch their career in aviation management can consider the course to uplift and embrace the skills. In addition, many aviation companies state it as eligibility criteria for the job to have an industry-specific diploma/degree.

What are the top aviation management courses in India?

After getting the idea of what the course is all about, it’s time to check the aviation management courses that students can opt for.

BBA in aviation management

The BBA in aviation management is an undergraduate program that students can opt for after 10+2. This three-year course trains the students about airport safety, security and other technicalities.

MBA in aviation management

Master of Business Administration in aviation management is a postgraduate level program designed to train the students with the technicalities, finance, operation and marketing in the airline industry. Candidates with an undergraduate degree can apply for the MBA program. This course is considered the best for working professionals seeking managerial positions in the aviation industry.

Diploma in aviation management

The diploma in aviation management is a short-term one-year course that exposes all aspects of aviation management, from ground staff to air ticketing to students. The 10+2 passing certificate is necessary to study the course.

Scope of aviation management in India

The aviation industry has witnessed massive growth leading to the demand for professionals. The industry is expected to grow more swiftly shortly. Qualified professionals with a degree in the field can grasp an opportunity with a good salary.

Skills You Need to Land a Job in Aviation Sector

We should be ready with our bag of skills to minimize the chances of rejection in the interview. If you wish to secure a job in the aviation sector, then you must be equipped with the following skills-

  • Excellent communication skills

This is no astonishment as every manager in every sector must have exceptional communication skills. The value of a good manager is to be able to communicate with everyone in the proper manner to get the job done.

  • Problem-solving skills

In work life, you often come across problems that people bring to you for a solution. Therefore, you must have the skills to find the best solution that will help the airport without involving any individual biases.

  • Human-resource management

The ability to deal with people will help you serve the job professionally. No two subordinates can get equal treatment from you, and it is your human resource skills that will help you distinguish.

  • Time-management skills

Effective time management skills will enable you to keep a smooth workflow and manage the airport’s operations. You will need to keep your patience in all instances, and managing the time will help you pull through.

  • Good interpersonal skills

The job in the aviation industry demands good interpersonal and presentation skills to exchange information and evade any confusion.

Career Prospects

There are vast opportunities in the aviation sector for beginners as well as working professionals. The career evaluation in this sector brings our search to the below-mentioned profiles-

  • Business development executives
  • Sales executives
  • Business system analysts
  • Market research analysts
  • Zonal business manager
  • Customer facility manager
  • Airport ground staff manager
  • Airport representative
  • Customer care executive
  • Retail sales executive
  • Client servicing executive
  • Tour coordinator

Growth Expectation in Aviation Sector: Overview


As per the above statistics, the coming decades are anticipated to experience massive growth in the industry. The growth rate is indicative of a significant increase in its workforce, thus hinting that a career in the Indian aviation sector shall bear fruits shortly. As per the International Air Transport Association reports, the country will witness the departure of 300 million passengers through a movement of 6 million aircraft by the calendar year 2030.

Service Areas

With the aviation management degree in hand, you will have multiple service opportunities. Let us know the various services fields in the aviation industry-

  • Travel agents
  • Domestic and international airports
  • DHL
  • Cargo services
  • Domestic and international airlines

Aviation management has made every journey possible. It’s time for you to join the crew.

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