Data Science Career: Hype or Hero? Insider Scoop Revealed!


With industries getting more reliant on data and the evolution in the field of analytics, Data Science has emerged as a necessity for various companies and organisations. The numerous finance, marketing, retail, IT and banks need professional data scientists. As a result, the demand for these professionals has been surging these days. Hence, it’s leading to a rise in the salary scale for these professionals. Thus, making this profession the most trending job of the 21st century. Aspirants can pursue data science course from any educational background, making it diverse with people from various academic backgrounds.

According to Ohio University: “The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that analytical job roles are multiplying. There are different growth expectations for various jobs between 2020 and 2030. The management analysts are supposed to grow by 14%, the operations research analysts are supposed to grow by 25%, market research analysts by 22% and financial analysts by 6%”.

Let’s look at the reasons to study data analytics:

1. Less amount of data is analysed and used: The increase in technical collaboration with various industries has increased the potential of data analysis. Professional developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers must analyse and predict data for these industries. However, there are very few professionals in data analysis, and thus, a minimal amount of data is being analysed. Thus, making the path of data science career quite demanding in the coming times. Aspirants anticipating a career in this field should opt for this career since all industries need these professionals to build a strong narrative from these data and help companies expand their business horizons.

According to LinkedIn, “The world’s largest professional network, Engineering is in the top 15 job categories driving the UAE job market in 2024. The world’s demand for Engineering Jobs is booming, and this job category will be particularly in the search for new talents in the UAE in 2024.”

2. The way to survive for the future: Many companies and organisations are investing majorly in new technologies which helps them collect data and transform their conduct. The collection and analysis of data is the key forward for the companies to survive in the future. Thus, the tech roles will be becoming the most critical aspects for the business world in the coming times.

3. High Salaries for the data scientist professionals: Aspirants who incline mathematics, statistics, probability and solving complex problems should opt for a career in data science. Due to the versatile nature of the data science profession and the complex set of skills required in this job, these professionals get paid handsomely.

4. Wide range of career aspects for Data scientists: Digital data analysis is being used in various fields such as healthcare, trade, agriculture and communication. Thus, opening up numerous opportunities for these professionals to work in all kinds of industries. Therefore, a data science career has endless possibilities, and thus it can become a lucrative career path in the coming times.

Aspirants looking for a data science online course can consider admission to UPES Online. The 10-month long online program is specially designed for working professionals who wish to shift their career to Data Science. Their data science course is designed so that the professionals can take classes during the weekends from their top faculties. They also provide their student’s classes from industry-based data scientists to better understand this field.

The data science course at UPES Online also focuses on comprehensive data science programs that cover numerous popular software tools and statistical and mathematical concepts. This course gives a detailed study of data science techniques, including predictive modelling and machine learning. In this course, the aspirants master tools like SQL, R, Python and Tableau tools to solve business problems. After completing this program, the candidates become professional certified data scientists who have huge market demand.

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