Human Cloud – Smarter Talent for International Businesses


Innovation is the need of the hour in the global business world. To stay relevant to international customers, companies must provide the best quality of products and services.

Talent, therefore, is the fuel that will drive such developments.

The employers pay the “Turks” or the “nerds” (such as self-employed, employees) based on their work that ranges from a few hundred to lakhs of rupees based on the nature of the skills and expertise required.

In such an arrangement, people with expertise in their respective domain of work that is connected with each other through a cloud platform, are administered by the providers.

Sticky crowd, PeoplePerHour, Mechanical Turks from Amazon are examples of such human cloud that have profiles of globally scattered talent in varied fields for all types of tasks of white-collar jobs. The benefit is immense for the companies with international operations. Some of which are:

  • Getting work done through global experts – Since every job has multiple tasks to be performed and each needs a different set of skills, the Human cloud provides the opportunity to get access to the best people in a different domain from across the globe ensuring the best outcome.
    For example, a digital marketing job requires multiple skills like content writing, keyword formation, creative designing etc. With the Human cloud, it is easier to hire different people for each task hence getting the best output.


  • Encouraging Diversity at Work- Since the cloud is accessible from any corner of the world, it is possible to empanel the best minds along with building an inclusive culture with people working from diverse backgrounds, cultures, races and ethnicity. This builds trust among stakeholders and enhances the company’s value.
  • Overcoming Qualification Barriers– An opportunity for both the employers and the Turks is the importance of skills and expertise over qualifications. There are major differences in the educational system across the world. Human cloud reduces those barriers giving way to performance and ensuring the quality of work.
  • An Untapped Business Opportunity– An HR solution to global recruitments, this concept of cloud opens many international business prospects like cloud service providers, domain services in skills, recruitment solutions etc.
  • Cost & Time Effective– Since people are tied up for small tasks that are broken down from the jobs, the work not only gets specialized but also delegated to different individuals with pre-decided timelines. This allows maintaining costs along with the surety of deadlines.

Right manpower being the key ingredient of any business to survive, this intersection between HR and technology has increased the career scope of International Business to a wide range of benefits to reduce the demand-supply gap of skills and expertise.

Such initiatives and developments in the global business ecosystem are compelling many corporates to tap into for anybody who has taken up the formal route of an MBA in International Business and paved a future-proof career trajectory for oneself.

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