Are you prepared to embrace Robo-automation in Aviation Management?


The latest technological advancements are motivating the Air Cargo segment of the Aviation Management Industry to make upgrades rapidly like never before. From Robotics to the Internet of Things (IoT) and from augmented reality to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the air cargo supply chain is getting smarter with digital transformations.­­­­­­­­­

Industry Impact of AI-powered Robotics

1. Robotics is beginning to be used in the transportation of goods through autonomous trucks. One example of this trend came at Heathrow in 2018 when IAG Cargo, in partnership with Oxbotica – a UK company specializing in self-driving software – launched the first test of a self-driving vehicle at a UK airport.

2. Another example is the use of blockchain-based cargo networks – AirAsia’s logistics arm Teleport has launched a blockchain-based air cargo network called Freightchain. Freightchain enables shippers and freight forwarders to view the airline network and make bookings in real-time. The solution uses a bidding process, allowing shippers to opt for the cheapest plan or the fastest route to transport their cargo. The bids are validated using blockchain.

3. The Frankfurt airport is planning a “smart air cargo trailer” (SAT) which will be supported by autonomous short-haul semitrailer trucks. SAT will be controlled automatically using a cloud-based platform.

4. Leveraging drones for warehouse inventory management – Dnata Dubai recently tested a new application of drone technology for inventory management in its facilities at the Dubai World Central airport (DWC). In the tests, remote-controlled drones were guided to fly up and scan the barcodes of cargo on shelves in Dnata’s warehouses using a conventional barcode scanner attached to the drone. When a barcode is scanned, the data is uploaded into the company’s warehouse management system for processing.

IoT: Guard of our digital privacy

As of 2019, there are over 26 billion IoT devices worldwide. Near to 130 devices are connected to the internet every second.

Internet of Things can prevent loss due to spoilage or theft, as well as provide valuable data for customers to see where their packages are at all times. The data gathered can be used for predictive and reactive analysis as well. The trucking industry also stands to gain immensely from IoT and its applications in safety and efficiency.

Internet of Things technology can lessen the need to bring freighters to repair and operations facilities and manufacturers for software updates and may serve as a form of predictive maintenance to prevent costly breakdowns. These can potentially save freight delivery fleets millions of dollars in repair work and lost income.

Adopting digital technologies may not be enough. Players in Aviation Management need to continually innovate and raise the bar for customer experience and operational excellence.

Parting thoughts

To sum up, the ongoing travel trends suggest that the pandemic surely has shaken the strata and the very foundation of this vibrant sector but, the major players in the market are putting up a brave front and optimism to regain the “lost vibrancy in the year 2022”.

Therefore, a career in Aviation management is a sure-shot route to flourishing professional growth in an ambitious and determined country like India.

To close the growing gap between the opportunities and potential talent, we, at UPES CCE, ensure to welcome and groom the cohort with the right resources, mentors, and pedagogy for a holistic revamping of an individual’s aptitude and attitude through our industry-leading PGP in Aviation co-developed with industry experts and vetted academicians. So are you ready to fly high in 2023 with outshining feathers in your cap?

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