Is Aviation Management a Lucrative Career Option?


The aviation industry has a fascinating and legendary past and will indeed have a long and storied future. Many of the developments, old and new, reflect the complexity of business and operations involved in modern aviation management.

Progressive steps by Government and leading corporations

Aviation management is traditionally been a profitable career choice. Despite the pandemic’s devastating effects, several expert reports and analyses predict a massive growth potential in the following two years.

There has never been a better moment to break into the aviation industry. However, developmental adjustments in operations and infrastructure policies are expected. Government of India initiatives like UDAN (Ude Desh ka Aam Naagrik), regional airport development, and the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) point to a brighter future for the Indian aviation industry.

According to studies, Indian corporations would spend about $300 billion on purchasing 2,100 new planes to prepare for the impending boom. The industry will also receive significant funding from new sources to expand its fleet and employees and build new airports.

Industry insights for the aspiring and working professionals

Emerging trends suggest that the Aviation industry will achieve a major increase in passenger growth in the next few years. This will require expansion of the workforce, leading to swollen job opportunities. The industry appreciates and absorbs a diversified workforce, where some come with a specialised skill set and others with overall expertise in multiple domains.

However, the industry will focus on recruiting more individuals falling under the latter category as that is where proper training and education will come into play, and those with professional degrees from established institutions will have an edge.

Should I pursue Management courses in Aviation?

Any industry would prefer to hire people who already have certain skills and training to save huge training costs.

Professional education through a BBA or a PGP in Air Business Management serves the purpose of sufficient academic knowledge with industry-specific exposure. Those with professional degrees will have an inevitable advantage in recruitment drives because such courses instruct and groom applicants in various ground functions like cargo, safety and security, customer service, ticketing, fleet management, ground handling, medical tourism, crew scheduling, and other elements.

What roles should I expect after MBA in Aviation Management?

Customer service managers, aviation planners, resource managers, analysts, consultants, flight dispatchers, administrators, operations heads, cargo managers, training managers, and many more professions are available to those with these in-demand professional degrees. Any company that deals in services or products related to air travel can be considered part of the aviation sector as a whole. Aviation management encompasses any managerial job within various sub-industries, including airline fleet management, logistics, everyday operations, project management, marketing, and customer service.

Want to reach distinguished heights in your Aviation career, right?

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